Exploring the Scandal: Stars of the FX and Hulu Series ‘Clipped’ Talk Donald Sterling and the Impact on the LA Clippers

Discover the captivating FX and Hulu series ‘Clipped’ that delves into the scandal surrounding Donald Sterling and its impact on the Los Angeles Clippers. Explore the personal stories of the stars and gain insights into the racial issues in sports. Stars of the FX and Hulu series ‘Clipped’ talk scandals, stories, and the Sterlings

In a captivating new limited series called “Clipped,” the stars of FX and Hulu come together to explore the scandal that rocked the NBA and the city of Los Angeles. The series, which is currently streaming on Hulu, delves into the downfall of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling and the impact it had on the team, the players, and the community.

The Scandal That Shook Los Angeles

Back in 2014, as the LA Clippers were making their way towards NBA glory, shocking audio recordings of racist comments made by Donald Sterling, the team’s owner, were leaked to the press. This scandal sent shockwaves throughout the city and the basketball world, sparking outrage and a deep examination of racial issues in sports.

A New Perspective on the Sterling Affair

“Clipped” takes viewers behind the scenes of this scandal, shedding light on the individuals involved and their personal stories. The series provides a fresh perspective on the events that unfolded, giving viewers a deeper understanding of the impact it had on the players, the coaches, and the team as a whole.

The Stars of “Clipped” Speak Out

At the series premiere in Hollywood, the stars of “Clipped” shared their insights and experiences working on the show. Ed O’Neill, known for his role in the hit TV series “Modern Family,” portrays Donald Sterling in the series. He recalled the moment when the scandal broke and how it captivated the entire city.

“I remember when it happened and everybody was talking about it. My coffee shop, you know, everyone was talking about it,” O’Neill said. “I read the tapes, when the tapes came out, and I thought, ohhh that isn’t good, you know. This may end badly.”

Jacki Weaver, who plays Donald’s wife, Shelly Sterling, in the series, revealed the misconceptions surrounding her character during the scandal.

“I’m what everyone thinks is the quiet little elderly wife who’s suddenly had enough of what she’s had to put up with, which is the scandal and this girlfriend who’s muscled her way in,” Weaver explained. “Shelly Sterling, in the end, comes out on top ’cause she says ‘hang on you lost the team, but I’m a half owner and I’m selling it for $2 billion.'”

Cleopatra Coleman portrays V. Stiviano, Sterling’s assistant and mistress, who played a pivotal role in the scandal. Coleman discussed the complexities of her character and the public perception of Stiviano during that time.

“When the scandal took place, I was living in LA, I had just moved here. And there was a lot of talk about V., you know, as a certain type of person. But there’s so much to her, she’s a human being of course, so it was really fulfilling to explore that,” Coleman shared. “It was just something I really relished; it was so thrilling to play her. She’s a very bold individual.”

Exploring the Impact on the Clippers

The series also delves into the impact the scandal had on the LA Clippers players and their coach, Doc Rivers. Laurence Fishburne portrays Doc Rivers, who faced the challenge of keeping his team together during this tumultuous time.

J. Alphonse Nicholson, who plays Clippers player Chris Paul, emphasized the deeper core of the story and the resilience of the players.

Donald Sterling scandal
Donald Sterling scandal

“I think the nucleus of the story is about Doc and his players and what they had to endure,” Nicholson explained. “I think the other parts of it are very entertaining, but also there’s a deeper core to what these people had to go through. And I think it’s all worth seeing. It’s very funny at times but also very dark too, a dark humor.”

An Intriguing Limited Series

“Clipped” is a limited series based on the ESPN 30 for 30 podcast “The Sterling Affairs,” created by Ramona Shelburne. The series dives deep into the events surrounding the scandal, offering{start}

unique perspectives and insights. It explores the personal stories of those involved and provides a thought-provoking examination of the impact of racism in sports and society.

The series combines elements of drama, comedy, and documentary-style storytelling to create a captivating viewing experience. It skillfully weaves together interviews, archival footage, and reenactments to bring the story to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is “Clipped” a true story?

Yes, “Clipped” is based on the real-life events surrounding the scandal involving Donald Sterling, the former owner of the LA Clippers. While some elements of the series may be fictionalized for dramatic purposes, it is grounded in true events.

2. Where can I watch “Clipped”?

“Clipped” is currently streaming on Hulu. You can access the series through your Hulu subscription and enjoy all the episodes at your convenience.

3. What can I expect from watching “Clipped”?

By watching “Clipped,” you can expect a compelling and thought-provoking exploration of the impact of racism in sports. The series delves into the personal stories of those involved and offers unique perspectives on the events surrounding the Sterling scandal. It combines drama, comedy, and documentary elements to create an engaging and entertaining viewing experience.



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