Oscar Curi: The Peruvian TikToker Trending for His Alleged Death in India

Discover the story of Oscar Curi, the Peruvian TikToker who gained worldwide attention for his alleged death in India. Find out what really happened and where he is now. Oscar Curi: The Peruvian TikToker Trending for His Alleged Death in India.


In the world of social media, there is a story that has captured the attention of many – the story of Oscar Curi, the Peruvian influencer who decided to travel to India to document his journey, but ended up in a tense situation where his whereabouts are now unknown. At just 20 years old, Curi embarked on this trip, documenting extreme situations along the way. However, it was one particular video of his that went viral on TikTok, showcasing the street food in India, that caught the attention of millions.

The Viral Video: Unveiling the Unsanitary Side of Indian Street Food

One of Curi’s most viral TikTok videos featured him showcasing the street food in India. The clip garnered over 23 million views, shedding light on the unsanitary conditions of street food vendors in the country. From chefs sitting on the floor to contaminated tools, ingredients, and even water, the video revealed the unhygienic state of street food in India. Even Curi himself expressed his lack of appetite and hesitation to try the food. However, he eventually decided to taste it for the sake of content, but admitted that it wasn’t pleasant.

Curi’s Health Crisis: A Trip to the Hospital

After documenting extreme situations in India, including the street food, the incredibly affordable accommodations, and the overall way of life in the country, Oscar Curi found himself in a dire situation. Through his own TikTok account, he shared that the food he consumed caused him discomfort and led him to seek medical help at a hospital. In the video, he can be seen in obvious pain, receiving medication intravenously in hopes of a quick recovery. He warns his viewers not to make the same mistake as him, emphasizing the clear contamination and the unbearable discomfort he experienced.

Oscar Curi’s Whereabouts: A Mystery Unraveled

Since the release of this video in late April, many users have been wondering about Oscar Curi’s current location. With over 400,000 TikTok followers and more than 28,000 on Instagram, the Peruvian influencer has remained silent, leaving his followers speculating about his well-being. Speculations about his potential demise arose when his TikTok account’s description claimed that both he and his mother had passed away. However, it is unclear whether this was a result of a social media hack or if it holds any truth. The concern for his safety and the desire for updates are growing among his followers.

The Truth behind Oscar Curi’s Disappearance

In the absence of the Peruvian TikToker on social media following his distressing experience, some TikTok accounts have suggested that his absence is not due to his death but rather a personal family matter that has prompted him to distance himself from social media. In a live video on ‘Inkahustler’, Curi mentions a past family issue that forced him to disconnect from YouTube for over five years. As the truth behind his disappearance remains uncertain, his followers eagerly await news regarding the young 20-year-old who has captivated the world with his experiences.



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